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Our Team

With our experienced staff we can ensure your agricultural, farm machinery and construction needs are met.  Our selection process along with our selected training and ‘open communication’ culture ensures our team are efficient and effective to meet customer needs.


Our technicians are fully qualified and use the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to enable quality mechanical maintenance and servicing of  all Agricultural, farm machinery and implements, not to mention Construction.  We have a dedicated Workshop Leader to ensure all our servicing jobs follow all internally developed processes. Our technicians are routinely trained by suppliers as new machinery and technology is updated.


Our 3 key Sales people can assist you with farm machinery and construction needs and pass on the benefits to our customers through their thorough knowledge of the products and appropriate experience and training (from manufacturer) of the machinery they sell.  They are in direct contact with the manufacturer regarding advice and sales queries. 


We have a fully qualified and dedicated technician available for cleaning sales, advice and support.  Also a a service is provided for repairs in not just a single product, but an array of cleaning and spraying products and applications.  


Our Parts staff provide a comprehensive replacement parts service for machinery along with a range of other farm machinery parts to help keep your business running.  Our friendly team will respond to queries promptly and meet your requirements (or provide you with advice) within a short and reasonable time frame (often commented on positively by customers).

Got a question? Call us on +(234) 817 3960 357